Behind The Scenes Of Launch Week Part 1 – Episode #9 – Kevin Fahey – IM Video Pod

Behind The Scenes Of Launch Week Part 1 – Episode #9

Behind The Scenes Of Launch Week Part 1 – Episode #9


Welcome to Episode Number 9 of IM Video Pod.

This week we are going to look at launch week. Last week we talked about setting up your products on JVZoo and Warrior Plus. It was called Payment Platform Week. This week happens to be launched week in our business.

We’ll take you guys through my plans for the entire week. Everything that we’re doing in the office today, tomorrow, up to Friday. Probably be doing three episodes this week to keep you informed all the way. We’re basically 48 hours away from the launch. At this stage, your product should be 110% complete. The sales page should be 110% complete. We’ve been talking to our JV partners and our affiliates for weeks now, so we’re not just gonna be hitting them up at the very last minute.

Regardless, considering we’ve launched I’d say 20+ products over the last nine years where all of us actually prepared in advanced. Either way, we’re still gonna be running around like crazy for the next 48 hours. Making sure everything is done correctly. My plan for the week, as I said, the product is done so for Monday is basically do a JV mailing, remind our JV partners about the launch in 48 hours. We’ll do a pre-launch mailing to our subscribers and on social media as well, letting them know that we have a pre-launch webinar happening in 48 hours. On top of that, we have on the list to do for IM Video Pod, which is actually this recording now.

Let’s move on to Tuesday. Tuesday we´ll send another JV mailing. We’ll remind our JV partners 24 hours to go, saying “Guys if you need anything, please contact us”. We’re going to send a reminder to everyone who signed up for the actual training webinar. We have over, I think 750 people already joined. We´ll send a reminder to them and include a free PDF inside the actual email just letting them know about the webinar, giving them the information they need and just getting them excited about the actual content. From there, we’ ll send another reminder email to everyone who has maybe seen the email and has not actually signed up yet. We’ll say, “Guys, 24 hours to go this is your last chance to sign up”. On Tuesday, you could say it’s the day before launch. So I’ve got a checklist here that everything is more or less complete but we need to go through it and just double check everything. Sales page, make sure there’s no grammar mistakes, make sure we’re happy with the copy and video, and make sure it is mobile responsive. We do the same for upsell, downsell, any of the OTOs in the funnel. We will go through every single page and basically study it.

Automation Rules

I have to go into all the autoresponders and set up basically a new list for each product inside a funnel. From there, we’ll probably set up an automation rules so they don’t be getting other emails about the actual product if they purchased it. So this is very, very important. If you’re gonna launch a product, make sure they’re going to your autoresponder and you’re sending out emails. Again, this is another thing that has to be done. When someone purchases the actual product, we have to write and have a follow-up series for them like thanking them, welcoming them to the membership site or maybe include a details about the OTOs, as well, if they missed them.

Buy Button

All the sales pages are complete, but we actually haven’t added a buy now button yet. So that’ll take about 20 minutes to do tomorrow by go in and add all the buy buttons, pass links, etc etc..

Access levels

We have pretty much 100%. I think they’re correct but I just wrote that on the list again. I just wanna make sure that all the different membership levels have access to the content that they should have.

JV personal 

We’ve been talking to JVs via emails and social media, for the past few weeks. Tomorrow on some part of the day I will be contacting every single JV on my list and asking them do if  need anything else for this launch and just reminding them about it. Once everything is tested and everything is done, we will come along then and we will purchase the actual funnel from start to finish. We’ll probably use two or three different email accounts, test it two or three different times. Making sure people get access and see the upsells, downsells, etc, etc. All this is super important.

Launch Day

Let’s move on to the actual launch day, which is Wednesday. Now, some people might think this is a little bit aggressive but on Wednesday we shouldn’t have anything to do basically.

The product should be complete. Everything should be 110%. The only thing we should do is queue up our emails and actually let our autoresponders do the work. We will obviously  be running a prelaunch webinar on Wednesday morning, which is 2:30 pm CET my time and we’re also be going live 30 minutes later. We’ll have that perfectly timed that the sales page goes live when everyone’s on the webinar. That’s the only things we’re gonna worry about Wednesday morning. We’ll also have emails in queue for our JV partners.

3 Hours Before The Launch

Get your mails in queue. Once we go live, we’ll email our JV partners again saying, “We are live, mail now”and this is a very, very important one. Three hours into the launch we’ll do a follow up because JV partners want to know the EPCs and conversions stats. We’ll follow up with another email letting them know how the launch is going. You would be surprised, but a lot of JV partners wait for this actual email.

We spent three or four months working on this product, so it’s now time to actually make money from the actual product.

So at 12:30 pm CET, which is two hours before the pre-launch webinar, I will re-mail everyone saying “Guys, two hours to go before the webinar. If you’ve not signed up yet, please go here. If you have signed up, be ready”.

At 3:00 pm CET / 9:00 p.m. EST, we actually go live. So then I’ll be emailing my entire list and hopefully  all the affiliate partners will be mailing as well. At that we’re looking for the mass amount of sales. The way this is priced, the price goes increase every day.

First 24-Hour of the Launch

The first 24 hours it’s $27 and then the next 24 hours it’s $37 and then it’s a dime sale. So after six hours, I’m probably gonna remind people saying, “Guys, please note that in 18 hours the price will increase another $10”. People want this email and we’ll obviously increase sales. On Thursday, again, back to the JV partners saying, “Here’s the 24-hour leader board update”. Talk about the cash price, conversions, talk about everything like that. We know the price is  increasing at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, so I’m actually gonna drop another reminder email at 6:00 am EST and let them know about the price increase. At 3:00 pm the price is actually gonna go up again. So we’re actually gonna drop people another reminder to those who have not purchased it.

After 48-Hour Update

Friday, JVs 48-hour leaderboard update and because we’re still in the price increase model we’re gonna have two emails going out.

This is probably my email strategy for a decent promo as an affiliate or for every one of my launches: 3 emails on day one, 2 emails the next day and 2 emails the next day. This is closing on Sunday. Probably have three emails on Sunday as well, but eight emails in three days. This is the maximum effect for promoting the product whether it’s your own or an actual affiliate product.

That’s my plan for the week. We’re busy and I’m gonna be back on the next episode of IM Video Pod.


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