Launch Week Part 2 – Valuable Lessons – Episode #10 – Kevin Fahey – IM Video Pod

Launch Week Part 2 – Valuable Lessons – Episode #10

Launch Week Part 2 – Valuable Lessons – Episode #10

Welcome to episode number 10 of IM Video Pod.

In the last episode w were in front of the white board and showing you guys everything we plan to do this week in our business. We have JV work, checklists, everything for the actual launch. Now, the product was launched 24 hours ago. I just wanna do a quick video and just keep you guys informed of everything that’s going on with the launch and most importantly some valuable lessons that I’ve learned.

Valuable Launch Lessons

We’ve launched numerous products over the past few years. We actually teach product creation. Inside one of our courses, we have a checklist that people should actually run over before they actually launch the product. I made a few mistakes during this launch, we’re gonna talk about them here.

One of the biggest lessons for me from this was having a checklist for everything that you are going to do and make sure to complete that actual checklist. So I’ll start off with the one mistake that I made regarding the checklist. That was to check your site it it is mobile friendly. Now, we use Optimize Press for our sales pages. If you build a standard squeeze page or sales page with Optimize Press, 99% of the time it looks okay on a mobile phone. With our sales page this time. We had a lot of custom graphics, basically a lot of animations, but it was a lot of custom work to make the sales page look really, really good. Unfortunately, we noticed after we went live, I was checking the page on my mobile phone and the majority of the text regarding the modules, the most important part was not actually visible. It was completely off line. Our solution for that after we realized at around nine o’clock this morning was spent 5-6 hours building a mobile page for our site. We took out all the elements from our standard sales page and all the custom CSS, we removed that. We just built a standard Optimize Press sales page. From there, we installed a free plug-in. If someone comes to the website on a desktop, they’ll see the desktop version with all the cool effects, all the graphics, etc. If someone comes on a mobile phone, these are actually removed, and it still looks really, really good. Now, while we’re on that topic, let’s talk about in this case 24% of the traffic was coming from mobiles, 9% of the traffic was coming from tablets and the remaining was coming from desktop computers. 24% is a lot. They could see the Add to Cart button but they could not read the description. Conversions are obviously poor. So, lesson from this is always, always make sure that your squeeze pages, sales pages, or upsells, etc. are 110% mobile responsive.

Now, I’ve got a list here because there’s a few things I want to cover.

Prelaunch Webinar Attendees

Let’s continue with some of the mistakes that I made. This was a new lesson, I’m using GoToWebinar over 5-6 years. We have an account that a thousand people can actually register for the webinar. The interesting part, I presumed that let’s say if you’ve got a maximum of a thousand people that you can have on your webinar that maybe 5000-6000 people can sign up. So let’s say 5000 people sign up, 20% end up joining and you have a thousand people on your webinar. This is exactly what I was thinking. What happened was, Our Go To Webinar account 3 hours before launch reached 1,000 signups. So anyone that signed up in the last 3 hours before it went live, could not actually get on  the webinar. So this was a lesson for me. We promoted the webinar really hard and a lot of affiliates were pushing the webinar as well. So, if I’m going be doing something like this in the future I probably will not use GoToWebinar, I will use another system that we can have unlimited attendees. For example, I could do a Facebook Live Feed. For that type of webinar it would have worked, especially if you’re going expect it to be thousands of people signed up. On the webinar there was another valuable lesson.

Webinar Timing

The launch time was 9:00 EST and we decided we were going to have a webinar a half hour before the launch, which is 8:30 EST. I thought a lot of people in Europe will attend, but we noticed by checking out our Google Analytics that 45% of our traffic was coming from the United States. I would say 50% of my business comes from United States, maybe 20% U.K. and the other 30% would be different places around the world. We even got people that had signed up for the webinar emailing us saying, “Hey, can´t make it´s it´s a 5.30 am. next email saying 6.30 am etc. Just different parts of America that people could not make it because it was too early. So, the lesson here for me, if I was going do a similar launch I would probably have the launch time at 12:00 noon EST. I would probably have the pre-launch webinar at 11 o’clock EST. That means in the U.K. it’s gonna be 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening and they’ll be able to watch it. People in America, it’s going be around noon and those available can watch it. That would be my scenario. You obviously have the option which I’ve seen people do it in the past. You would do a pre-launch webinar the night before the launch so when people wake up the next day they’re ready to actually purchase. I think doing it a few minutes before the launch is better so we’re not on the webinar, they can come on and actually purchase the product. Okay, that was webinar.

Split Tests With JVZoo

Next lesson split testing with JVZoo. We’ve used this feature in the past and we used it again this time. Keep in mind, the product we were selling was for $27. The price now increased to $37 and the price will increase again in 24 hours. We split tested headlines and that’s the easiest way to put it. We started off with a conversion of around 4.1%. We set up 7 different variations split testing the headline. Just minor, minor little adjustments. We ended up with a winner at I think it was 8.4%. It’s dropped a little bit around 6.7% now, but 8.4% was the conversions. This was actually between $27 and $37 when we were testing this. We went from 4% to 8% and that’s the easiest way of putting it. That does not only doubles our money on the front end product but it probably doubles our money in the back end funnel as well. My lesson here was always, always split test in your headline. Now, we have found the winner at 7%. I will probably run a few more little small split tests before the launch ends. Just always trying to basically find a winner. I suppose the biggest change for conversions which really helped them skyrocket conversions was actually we put a timers the top of the page and the Add to Cart, and it says the price will be increasing at a certain time. So, the urgency was there and it worked with conversions. That’s something that I’ve seen other people do on their launches. We usually added a timer, we load a video, and then the Add to Cart. We found the timer at the very, very top of the page with the Add to Cart and a call to action, it works really, really well.

To recap everything in the first 24 hours, we did a little over $10,000. It’s probably gone up a bit since. Am I happy with these results? Yes, we are. We obviously would have liked to get around $20,000 in the first 24 hours, but we do believe that today we’ll probably reach that number again. So it is a success in that sense, considering the product is now between $27 and $47. We’ve actually sold 261 copies to date. We’re happy with these results. If your customer have picked up this product, we really, really appreciate it. We really hope you’re enjoying the training. If you’re an affiliate that’s actually been promoting this product, we really, really respect that as well.

Thank you very much for your support.

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