Marketing Restart – Episode #8 – Kevin Fahey – IM Video Pod

Marketing Restart – Episode #8

Marketing Restart – Episode #8

Welcome to Episode Number 8 of IM Video Pod.

Today I want to talk about marketing restart and where this subject and topic came up from. I know lot of people might be online for about 1 year, 5 years or 10 even years and might not be seeing a lot of success in their business. At this stage they probably have multiple domains and signed up to multiple programs that cost them a lot of money every month. They could have lots of leads in their autoresponder which are basically not delivering value. Every single month the business is actually losing money. I wanna tell you a little tip that I have done in my business to avoid these things to happen. There are few things over the years I need to rectify and make sure they don’t happen again.

I’m gonna go from start to finish in no particular order.


My whole secret for my emails is that every single domain we set up like JV@, info@, admin@, support@ and from there we log into cPanel and redirect them all to our one email. Using Gmail account we can actually filter these to go into folders. Basically, everything is on my phone under one single account. I can decide from there what’s important and what’s not then  filter them. If you are signed up to let’s say solo ad and getting over 200 and 300 emails per day this is something I did in my business maybe around three years ago that really, really helped me. I unsubscribed, sorry I did. I unsubscribed from everyone and from there you continue to get more emails from people. You just slow it down. It was basically clogging up your inbox. The trick here, I won’t say I shut down my email account but kept that email account opened. What I did is I created a filter for all my important emails, for example my hosting company, marketers that I really wanted to look forward to their emails, payments, etc. Just very important emails. I’m sure if you get 100 or 200 emails a day you’ll probably find out that only five of them are important.

Over the few weeks we’re able to create filters and simply forward them on to the new email address. Now I know this is an unpopular topic but I’m sure there are lot of marketers who are overwhelmed with their email. The simple solution is to shut down that account. Forward important emails to another account, and start fresh.

Make Money Over Dead Domains

Okay, let’s move on to domains. We had over 100 domains at times and obviously these domains are $10 per year. Now, there’s two ways to look at this as I said we have still 35 domains but we’re always toning down our business. Once I tone down the business I concentrate on what’s the most profitable part of our actual business. One of the things we did is if were not getting traffic  nor getting results in any way, we actually never renewed these domains. We put up a redirecting page that redirect our main money site. Let’s say over the years you went and created domains for everyone’s page. Domains for Kevin’s email marketer, Kevin’s social media tubes, etc. There were too many domains and too much going on. I kept certain domains that we’re actually getting traffic or a small amount of traffic. My simple solutions to all of these domains which actually kept them indexed in Google for the keywords is I put a squeeze page in the very front of the domain. Now, you’re going to look at this certain domains and kept it going for two years. I still pay $10 per year for this domain that is only a squeeze page which I could easily redirect but from my tracking. I’ve noticed, some of these domains actually put in 100 leads per year at $10 per month more or less. So, the point  of someone saying a lead is worth one dollar, which actually worth a lot more. It’s probably worth $5-10 lifetime or per year. You would obviously say that if you’re getting 100 leads from one domain, that was actually an old domain and you ended up putting a squeeze page that is highly converting. If it only got a 1,000 visitors per year and you had 33% conversions. You are getting over 300 leads from that. So, it’s worth it!


Let’s talk about leads. Some people made vital mistakes of actually saying “oh I’m sick of this, my leads aren’t responding, no one’s interested and no one’s talking to me. I’m gonna delete them all and I’m gonna start again.”, don’t do this. Even if you have a list of 20,000 people. I guarantee there’s 200 people on that. Even if one percent are listening. You say, only one percent of my list are listening to me. That’s 200 people out of 20,000. Which there is a tremendous amount of value and actually money that can come in.

Simple thing to do having old and unresponsive list

  1. Create a new squeeze page, offer a free gift
  2. Send at least 7 emails to this list and see who signs up. You will find out, that at least one percent should actually sign up. From there delete your list. Please, do not come along and just delete your list, and say, oh this isn’t working, they’re not responding. Get the people that are engaged with you onto your new list and from there you can call it your new start up. You’ll actually have a little bit of a kick start. You’ll have people listening, some subscribers and the most important people will be able to generate sales for you guys.

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