Office Tour, Daily Planning & Task Management – Episode #7 – Kevin Fahey – IM Video Pod

Office Tour, Daily Planning & Task Management – Episode #7

Office Tour, Daily Planning & Task Management – Episode #7

Welcome to the live office tour Video Pod.

In this video I’ll show you how we organize our office, work hours and everything we got going on. I’m also going to share a few things around the house and show you different places we work.

A Quick Office Tour

I actually gave this presentation before at a marketing event here in Mallorca about a year ago while we were drinking in the evening and people found it a little bit funny. So I’m going to do the same here. Let me put down ten years ago and I suppose the idea of this is just because you have your own business, your own home based business. You can work whatever hours you want. If you want to grow your business and scale your business you need to actually treat it like a business and have working hours that go with it.

I’ve learned a lot over the years and I’ve got Jimmy, my cameraman. We’ve been working together for the last 18 months and we learned a lot in the first three months, the first six months about how to do work more efficiently and how to get more work done faster. Ten years ago, I was around 22 years old old and working on the internet. I would probably work from 2 PM until 5 PM and then I would probably enjoy myself for a little at the time. I might come home and work from 10 PM until maybe 5 AM in the morning. That’s the reason I didn’t start work until 2 PM. I woke up at 11 o’clock and do my daily things.

What I’ve noticed from this, I did this period for around two or three years and it’s not productive. It’s not productive in any way at all. We notice how many times we’re working from 10 PM to 5 AM and we’re pretty much sitting in front of the computer not at our full scale. We know we’re at out full scale in the morning.

When Jimmy started working with me in January 2016 and our office hours is let’s say it is sociable and friendly office hours. They were pretty much 9 AM – 1 PM and then 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM. So we’d start around 9:00 in the morning. We would do 4 hours of good enough work and probably head off for lunch around 12:30 – 1 PM. From there we used to have a good time. We’d go to a restaurant. Have a bottle of wine, three course meal and enjoy our lunch. Then come back into the office around 2:30 PM.

Because we’d already had a few beers, we might have another drink or two then relax. It then just be grumpy and tired afternoon not enjoying our work. So we normally end up finishing up around 5 PM. Looking that at the end of the day we only got four hours work done. In this case we only got 3 hours of productive work done. Now as we moved on we’ve learned a lot from this. From what we’re doing now, the basic hours would be more 8 AM until 4:30 PM with 1:30 minutes break which still gives us time to grab lunch, etc. etc. Again, we always thought there was room for improvement, because every time we’d take lunch from say 1-2 o’clock in the afternoon. It was never ever productive.

Managing Your Time & Productivity

So what we’re working at now, I would say we moved to this office around three or four months ago it’s 8 o’clock to 3 o’clock. It is 7 hours of pretty much productive work. Consistently just working at the tasks and all the sheets which we’ll get to. During that time we we take a 15 minute break away from the computer. Grab a cup of tea, sandwich and baguette. The big plus about this is at 3 PM every single day we are finished with our work. We’re completely achieved on everything we’ve done.

Now today, I’m going to talk about my personal hours and I suppose Jimmy’s really really good at what he does as well. I woke up this morning around a quarter to six still lying in bed. What will I do? I came down, made myself a cup of tea and started working at the computer. Dealt with some support desk tickets and answer issues that I know I have to personally do. Today, I met Jimmy at his house at 8 AM and we started doing a video shoot. By 9:30 this morning we had the video shoot complete. We had all the emails and support desk tickets answered. All done at half-nine on a Monday morning. With this system we just get up and we’re constructive in what we do.

The lesson you need to take from this is a lot of people are internet marketers say you’re forced to work 12, 18, 16 hour a days. Not really the case. If you are organize and make sure you’re productive in the hours you work then you don’t have to do that. Yes at times, I might come back to the computer and do 1 or 2 hours of work in the evening, but it’s not required. Others do 3 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, and then 3 or 4 in the evening. If you’re not being productive you might as well just cut them out and balance out your life where you can work undisturbed.

White Boards

So okay, this is the white board. We use this in the office all the time. Every time I’m infront of the computer thinking I’ve got some ideas and I’ll come over to the whiteboard mark them down so James and I can talk about them. If I’ve got let’s say tasks come up then we have our tasks sheet but something else comes up, I would just come along and numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.. Okay, we’ve got this and I know what I have to do. James knows what he has to do.


We got two spotlights here, one here and behind the camera. The idea of this is when we’re doing videos. The only thing we have to do is turn around the spotlights. They can be used for office videos, whiteboard videos, sales videos, JV videos, and whatever. It’s easy. I can’t live without two things in the office, the whiteboard and corkboard. A task sheet of everything that needs to be done. We’ve got my tasks, James and everyone’s out there. This is up from 2-3 weeks ago because everything was building up with house construction, reforms and everything like that. Next it’s actually a format that we use for copywriting. I had a client asked about this the other day and I was actually found it difficult to find it. When I pulled it out I printed it because it’s what we use for sales copy.

IM Video Plan Launch

These are all the videos. Basically the episodes that we’re going to release. Today, we’re on this episode here. Next, at the beginning of every month or the first week in every month. I will do a listing of affiliate mailings. So from the 7th until the 30th I know exactly what’s going in my auto-responder. I’m not coming to the computers and oh what am I going to mail now? Is there anything converting? It’s planned out from the start of the month.

Accountability Post

I just want to talk about a few things for this. Accountability post is It’s actually part of a group called Society Eleven. People started making accountability posts in there and I said okay I’m going to join in. Generally, I don’t really need one because I’m constructive in our business all the time. We just don’t make excuses but let me read this out accountability post for April. Release many new episodes of IM Video Pod. This is in the process, launch a new product which we spent months working on. This is 95 percent complete and it’s going to be launched within the next 12 days. We only have a few little modifications and it’s complete. We put a lot of work into this product and write four strong affiliate promos. Part of my business is affiliate marketing. I don’t want to pick four random offers every single week. In the month of April I want to make four strong affiliate promotions for offers that I believe in. Actually one of them is something about affiliate marketing. Two launches already this month had been postponed or rescheduled It’s also a good idea to have a little backup plan in place for your affiliate mavens as well. Luckily, I have 2 names on my list. One is going to be crossed off and plan my launch for May on WarriorPlus. We’re 99% complete on the product that we are about to launch. That product is going to be launched in ten days. Then it’s going to launch for another week. Planning. Usually, we’re not going to launch another product for about 4 weeks after that. But when this product is 100% complete which it will be in the next 48 hours. We’re not just going to sit around here and just wait for another week for sales to come in. I will immediately start working on the next product on the list. So as you can see that’s why we’re always leading the game. We plan in advance and we usually plan three launches ahead, which could be four to six months ahead.

This is a task that I have to do. This is a full list of products that are going to be available inside our training. I have them in front of me. We’re planning the outline and ready to produce the videos. This is pretty much what we’re doing now. This is the live feed. About five minutes before we started, I just ran out some notes of what we’re going to actually cover. Behind all these sheets is pretty much my overall launch calendar. It’s actually only for the month of April. All sheets there are broken down and we have the most important sheet of all, Daily Plan of April. We update it throughout the week but again. You can see here 9 o’clock, we’re on support. Oh sorry, 9 o’clock support, 9 o’clock recording outdoors,12 o’clock IM Video Pod which is what we’re doing now. I know exactly everything we’ll be doing in the week.

This is James’ desk. He’s got a copy of pretty much everything that I do so he knows what’s going on. This is a little trick I learned from our designers I worked with around four years ago. This is a sales page for an upcoming launch which we got the copy. You can read it on your screen, you can read it on a PDF. But for design purposes I’m looking at it overall. We like to print it out just stick it together with masking tape. Then I can write notes for the designer whenever I want. It just works out really good for reviewing the page.

Home Work Places Sneak Peak

We’re going to head upstairs and just show you a few of the other places. This is basically the living room which is still under construction. There’s a few reasons I want to show you this. I generally have a laptop here and it’s good for when I’m leaving the house. I do not want to be in the office on a Sunday but I want to check some reports and send an email . I was babysitting yesterday and I spent ten minutes sitting at the computer, writing an email and we’re obviously not going to get paid for that. So having my computer around here is handy. Instead of being in the office, it’s basically time with the family. Get a little bit of work done.

Actually here over the laundry there’s another PC. I don’t really use this as much now because it’s summer. When we moved in here a few months ago I was here at nighttime doing a little bit of work.

Now, I’ll show you our other place and everyone might know Ben. Ben is the eleven year old Golden Labrador. As I said this is a new house. We only got this furniture around a week ago. Valuable lesson here about purchase is educating yourself.

Three nights ago I completed a whole video training series on my mobile phone. I logged into their secure membership. I connected my earphones and I watched all the training. I got a lot of value from the training in an hour and half in the evening time and chilling out on the terrace. Other than chilling out, playing games on my phone or reading a newspaper, I’m actually going to watch training and educate myself and help my business grow. Something everyone should be doing. Lesson number 2, I suppose out here, I never read in the office, I never read in front of the computer. But again, last night I was able to read a few chapters of this book, which is called “Information Doesn’t Want to be Free”. I’m using this as another way to educate myself.

That’s pretty much it. Just a quick tour of the office and my home office where I educate myself. Have an awesome day!

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