PalmaNova Sunrise – Episode #3 – Kevin Fahey – IM Video Pod

PalmaNova Sunrise – Episode #3

PalmaNova Sunrise – Episode #3

In episode #3 we’ve an early start by visiting PalmaNova beach to shoot some videos for an upcoming product using drones. I’ve included a few photos and trailer below you might like. Sorry, not much content and tips in tips one but I hope you enjoy.



Hey guys, Kevin Fahey here and welcome to episode number three of IM Video Pod. 

So guys, I apologize, you probably can't see my face but you can probably see a lovely, nice background. 

Just gonna give you guys a nice view of this. (water swooshing) I am out here in PalmaNova Beach in Mallorca, Spain. 

Well actually, I'm up since 4:00 a.m this morning preparing for a video shoot and we're on the beach now at half six this morning just waiting for the sun to come up and actually do something. 

So it's gonna be a pretty cool day. We spent all day yesterday basically four o'clock starting video recording again. I've actually got a guy on the lifeguard stand, we're gonna be using some professional drones, I love their cameras, and we actually got Ben here as well, hanging out, rolling around in the sand. 

So, guys, I presume a lot of people are still in bed and why not? You should be relaxing. But yeah, I just wanted to share this video with you guys. 

This is episode number three of IM Video Pod. We've got so much more video content coming for you guys, so much more behind the scenes footage of on our online business, so definitely Subscribe to us guys, if you're watching us on YouTube or also on PodBean as well, subscribe. 

There's not gonna be a massive amount of tips in this guys, I just wanted to share this awesome views with you guys. Have an awesome day, guys. 

Enjoy your day wherever you are in the world. 

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