Saturday Afternoon & Lesson – Episode #2 – Kevin Fahey – IM Video Pod

Saturday Afternoon & Lesson – Episode #2

Saturday Afternoon & Lesson – Episode #2

In episode #2 I talk about my Saturday afternoon routine which has allowed me to earn an additional $100,000 for my business working just 2 hours per week. In the second half we talk about a valuable marketing lesson which might be stopping a lot of people from taking action and actually building an online business.


Hey guys, Kevin Fahey here and welcome to Episode Number Two of IM Videopod. So, we did a video last week, where we were in Valldemossa and I was just telling you guys about this project, that over the next, you could say coming weeks, days, months or years, we're gonna be doing more and more videos for you guys, just live, while we're out and about.

It could be behind the scenes of our Internet Marketing business, what we're doing in the office. We're gonna be interviewing some really, really cool people in the next few, it'll be in the next few weeks, some really cool, professional guys, who fly for once.

We're gonna do lots of cool stuff like that, guys. So, I want you guys to tune in if you're interested, in, you could say, in making money and building your business, get some marketing tips, definitely, definitely tune in as often as possible.

So, good to see you, Mohammad Samir, long time friend, how are you doing, buddy?
 I'm doing very good, guys, and the point of this pod was, I am, Saturday afternoons, so I'm just gonna explain to you guys a few things about what I'm doing.

And I've got, you can see I support, question or... Basically a question from a student and other people are commenting on it and they've got a similar issue. And I think there's a really, really, really valuable lesson here for everyone, definitely a really valuable lesson. So, stick around for that, guys.

I just wanna pull up Facebook, guys, quickly, and see if I can share this inside our group. I will explain a few things about...

Lovely, it's on here, I'll be able to share it.

I will explain a few things about getting a podcast going.

We want to get this on Itunes, we wanna to get this on Google Play, we wanna to get this on Stitcher, and it's completely new to me. So, over the last two or three weeks, doing a massive amount of research, we created a Tab in Google, we were saving a bookmark and all these things taking action on it, but regardless of what you do, everything actually takes time, and I think one of the process of getting approved on a lot of these sites is submitting two or three episodes of content. Once they realize there's good quality content in it, it's not spam, it's not offensive, you will be approved.

So, it's all in a process of getting things done. I suppose, so yeah, you could maybe explain why is everything not ready? That's half the reason, guys. But what I was thinking about that is there's something that you guys can take from it.

I'm gonna spend a lot of time studying and researching this, we're gonna spend a lot of time exercising it, and some day we're gonna have the knowledge that next time we can do it, we can set it up a lot quicker, we can do it for other people, we can teach people how to do it.

So, you could say, the money making opportunity's here. It's basically endless.

Good afternoon Ian, how are we doing?

Guys, let us know, we've got a few people on this, let us know where you are, let us know your name and let us know where you are.

I'm gonna quickly share this live feed into our group.

Obviously, there is software out there that can do it, but I'm not a big fan of...

I'm not a big fan of some softwares and we're still testing out the best ones. So, let me just share this video with at more place, and so, I'm definitely, if you guys know any of really good software that does Facebook Live and shares them absolutely everywhere, that work flawlessly, please let me know, shoot me your video link.

So, who've we got, Kevin Farley shared, excellent, he is watching. Let us know where you're from, guys, we've got a few more people coming on here.

And now Pena, you are in Santa Ponsa.

And I suppose there are a lot of people watching this locally, don't know, will be in Santa Ponsa.
 So, one sec, guys, and we'll share our page, you Manage, online IM support, see, as you could say, this is another little bit of a test, getting this all set up.

So, OK, I've got 20 minutes to go until I have to jump on a live, training webinar.

So, I've got some content for you, guys.

I appreciate everyone, who is sticking around.

So, it's Saturday afternoon, it is 3:35 p.m. Now, what I am doing today, I have been doing the exact same thing every single Saturday for the past, basically since September 2014, so basically, two and a half years, over two and a half years, so, tricky as you say.

We've been doing the exact same thing every single Saturday afternoon, from 4p.m. to 5p.m. my time. Now, what that is is basically micro coaching program. It is has put, it's changed a massive amount of people's lives.
 It's also put, actually, a lot of profit and a lot of money into my pocket. Now, here's a lesson from this, guys, I choose a time to do a Saturday, because we only work a half day on a Saturday.

We usually close the office at one, but I wanna pick a time to add an extra activity to my business, that I would normally not be doing anything productive with.

So, nobody in on a Saturday afternoon, be in the pub, watching football, wasting time. Basically, I used to just waste Saturday afternoons, that's one thing I always, I did. We used to go, basically, watch horse racing, or whatever it may be.

So, I decided, you could say, three years ago, that I'm gonna do something on a Saturday afternoon, that is gonna put more money in my pocket. Now, in total, guys, this product alone has gone over a hundred thousand dollars in sales, basically, a hundred and ten thousand dollars in sales, just from this product.

Most of the sales have been made by me. It only requires two or three hours a week to actually manage this, so, it's probably one of the best decisions I've made.

And what makes it work is that I kept dedication behind it. So, like a little bit of lesson, ow! Get a load of what's happening.

What I'm doing here at the moment, let me just turn down the sound, make sure there's no back feed.
 On Saturdays, basically, we help our clients, and I've got a client, you could say a group of clients, who had a very interesting comment, interesting question, which I think a lot of you guys can help, will be able, will be able to learn from.

So, OK...

Basically, OK, we've got a guy, who's said he is good with product creation, he's good, he's very good and knows more than most people, when it comes to video editing and hosting. He's also good at WordPress. He's not an expert on copyrighting, he's not an expert in graphics, not an expert on consulting, but he has a lot of experience with WordPress, a lot of experience with video hosting and video editing. Now, here's the comment, Given all that, it would seem that I should be creating something around video hosting.

The problem I see is that it is currently all the rage and it's all been done. Kevin Farley is obviously already doing it, and the big IM sellers all seem to be doing things around live video help. I'm not sure what I can add that already hasn't been done, and while I could could create further purposes of this exercise, I'd rather do something that would be helpful to others.

So, guys, here's the lesson.

Everything in Internet Marketing and everything in this world has already been done. In most cases, it's already been done. He was referring to, basically, I'm in the process of grading one of the biggest products we've ever released. It's gonna be called, IM Video Masters. It's gonna be, basically, a training course on how people make videos, edit videos and publish videos.

This type of content has been covered by hundreds, if not thousands of marketers in the past. If you're referring to video software, let's take the example of VideoPal.

VideoPal is an animation software, it pops up on the screen. It's not the first one we've ever seen on the marketplace. Surprisingly, three weeks before that, a similar pop-up video animation launched.

Now, I expect VideoPal was a massive success. I expect in the marketplace, as it is, guys, in the next four to six weeks, or three months, another version from another creator is gonna come up with a different variation of this type of software. And again, it's going to be a massive success. So, it doesn't matter if it's software, if you look at, let's take optimized Pressly, Pages Click, Fumbles.

They all do the same thing, but they're all very successful. If you look at all the others from the companies, it's the exact same thing. Let's bring it back down to information marketing products.
 Now, I've had, everyone has created courses on affiliate marketing, everyone has created courses on email marketing, on Facebook advertising, etc.

There's hundreds of courses out there and hundreds of more courses will continue to be released. There's always gonna be new customers.

Point number two, huh, unfortunately, 80% of the people who buy these courses do not take action, absolutely no action on them whatsoever, and you can, it comes down to actually watching the training.
 You could say 5% of people actually take action on these courses.

So, pick a boy, an email marketing course and someone this week.

They don't watch it, they don't take action on it. Next week, do the boy another one, they don't even open it. And finally, a week later, they might buy another one and decide to actually go through the course.
 Unfortunately, it's the way the industry is.

Another example would be, let's say I create an email an affiliate marketing course, and someone else has created an affiliate marketing course.

But what if this might teach similar methods? For example, they might say you need to create a squeeze pitch and then have a bonus page with a video, reviewing the product.

There's nothing new there, guys. Everybody knows that. Everybody teaches that.

It's probably inside 100 affiliate marketing courses. The difference could be someone might have a PDF with some, and diagrams outlining that method, and people might soak up that information better.

Tip number two might be presenting it in a Powerpoint slide and people are able to soak up that information. In my case, when I was basically teaching that topic, I was teaching it in front of a whiteboard.

Some people might prefer it in front of a whiteboard. It doesn't matter. I know a lot about affiliate marketing, we're doing it every single day in our business for over nine years, but if a new course comes out, I'd probably pick it up. Chances are I know 95% of it, but that 5% can give me that little bit of extra edge.

So, when it comes to, I take my strong point here, or just when it comes to information marketing products, businesses, anything in general, if there is other people doing it and having success in it, that should be an attraction, it should not be putting you off.

It's like saying, don't open up any more restaurants, it's been done before, and don't open up any more clothes shops, it's been done before. Statistically proven, if you've got a clothes shop, and another one opens up beside it, they both are gonna have a more successful business.

So that just works in that sense. Guys, any questions on that, I should be able to bring up questions on my computer. So, let me know any questions, any comments.

We have got a few people online and I've got a letter.

I've got a few minutes to spare, guys.

Again, Episode Two of IM Videopod.

We're gonna have a lot more episodes coming up in the next few weeks, months, days, years, etc., guys.
 So definitely, look forward.

Hit Like if you're online, guys.

If you want us to produce more content, I've actually got a list of topics, that we're gonna cover over the next few weeks.

So, OK, guys...

Tracy, welcome, welcome, welcome.

I've got 15 minutes, guys, and I've gotta jump onto the live webinar.

The webinar usually goes on for about an hour, an hour and a half mostly, these days.

From there, finally now, we've got a fast internet connection.

Within 15 minutes, the replayer's uploaded, the template is set, and we're finished for the weekend.

We like the order, it's understood at work.

So, everyone, guys, thank you very much for tuning in.

Hit Like if you like this video and I look forward to seeing you guys in Episode Number Three.

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