Valldemossa Video Shoot – Episode #1 – Kevin Fahey – IM Video Pod

Valldemossa Video Shoot – Episode #1

Valldemossa Video Shoot – Episode #1

In episode #1 we’re travelling around Valldemossa in Mallorca, Spain looking for some good places to shoot videos.


Video Captions For Those Who Like To Read

Hey guys, Kevin Fahey here and welcome to episode one of IM Video Pod. So guys, IM Video Pod is going to be a new show that is going to be going live, basically in full work, in April. And what it is, it’s going to be a mix of behind the scenes of what we do in our Internet marketing business every day. It’s going to be a mix of interviews with other marketers. It’s going to be, you could say, anywhere… I could be live. I could be at an airport, I could be on the couch, I could be out driving the car. I’m actually going to go live and do live broadcasts. So, what’s happening now is we’re actually in Mallorca, we’re driving around Valldemossa. Let me show you guys the view here. It’s absolutely amazing and what we’re doing is we are looking for a place to shoot videos. It’s a long drive, we’ve got lots of beautiful places around where I live, like beaches, but we wanted to come up here to the mountains and do something a little bit different. Now, we’ve been already drove through the town, and it seems that it’s just a little busy at the moment. So let me just pull up here and see if we can get a good place to shoot a video. Let me… I just take off the camera and show you guys the view here, it is absolutely amazing. So guys, here I’m going to have a quick look at the comments. We got Jimmy in the car here as well on camera. So guys, okay, that is the quick little introduction to our first one. I’m just going to turn back around the camera. So yeah, that is IM Podcast. IM Video Pod, it’s going to be a new product basically coming in the first week of April. It’s one way for me guys to get in front of the camera and connect with you guys: answer all your questions, do daily videos, etc. and pretty much show you what we’re doing every day in our life. So guys, we’re going to get out and shoot a video. I’ll tell you what the plan is today. I’ve actually… I’ve reconfigured a lot of my offers. I’ve got a list here of 12 sales videos that I need to shoot in the next three days. So today we’re going to actually do two funnels, which includes five videos, go back to the studio, edit them, do everything like that and keep going. So, okay guys, thank you very much for tuning in to the first episode of IM Video Pod. The episodes are going to get much longer. I just want this to be the first one, and let you know what is coming in next month. So guys, have an awesome awesome day and catch you up soon. Cheers.

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